Big League Sports Summer
Help Wanted
Fantasy Aquarium World
The Munchables
Tales of Graces (JAP) (FirmWare 4.1U ผ่าน Geckco ปรับภาษาเป็น Japaness)
Super Robot Taisen (JAP)
PlayMobil Circus
Where the Wild Thing Are
World Championship Athletics
Wii - Our House Party
Wii - Star War the Clone Wars Republic Heros
Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga Wii
Wii - Medieval Games
Wii - MySims Agent
Wii - JU-ON the Grudge
Wii - Marvel Super Hero Squad
Wii - Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Wii - Family Party - 30 Great Games Out Door
Wii - Family Fun Football
Wii - Endless Ocean 2
Wii - Dead Space Extraction (ถ้ามี Wii Zapperจะมันส์มาก)
Wii - Power Punch
Wii - Racquet Sport
Wii - Chicken Blaster (ถ้ามี Wii Zapperจะมันส์มาก)
Wii - Spore Hero
Wii - The Kore Gang Invasion from Inner Earth
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2010 Wii
Wii - Jumpstart Get Moving Family Fitness (US)
Wii - Madden NFL 11
Wii - Boot Camp Academy
Wii - XenoBlade (JPN)
Wii - SengoKu Basara 3 (JPN)
The Cages Pro Style Batting Practice Wii
PokePark Wii Pikachu\'s Adventure Wii
Wii - Monster Trux OffRoad
Wii - Chuck E Cheese Party Games
The Garfield Show Threat of the Space Lasagna Wii
Wii - Truck Racer
SD Gundam Gashapon Wars (JPN) Wii
Wii - Beach Fun Summer Challenge
Wii - Disney Sing It Family Hits ***ต้องมี Wii MicroPhone
Wii - Lost In Shadow (JPN)
Wii - Kart Racer
Wii - Jump Start Pet Rescue
Wii Party (JPN)
Monster Hunter Tri Ver.ENG
Satisfashion Rock the Runway or Satisfashion Wii
Wii - Crazy Machines
Wii - Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory (JPN)
Wii - Arc Rise Fantasia

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